This Project has been funded by the USFS and USFWS, so far.

Project Summary

The objective of this project is to produce a consistent vegetation type map across the entire state of Alaska using the same legend, a consistent methodology and a uniform remote sensing data set (Landsat 7 ETM+ data, circa 2000 +/- 1 yr.). The legend classes (AKEVT) represent the existing dominate vegetative species present, or the non-vegetative land cover. The classes are basically Alaska Vegetation Classification (Viereck, et. al, 1992) Level four classes when canopy cover and height information are excluded. Three major types of data were utilized to generate the classifications; existing field plot data, Landsat 7 ETM+ spectral data, and environmental variables derived mostly from either the USGS’s DEM or NHD national data sets. Full resolution data is at 30 meters on an Alaska Albers Equal Area Conic projection with a NAD83 datum. Completed sections of the state are available below. Draft data is for evaluation purposes only and is available in some areas of the state. (See the status map above.) This data will be useful to address a number of wildlife, conservation, and land management issues and addresses a baseline science need that is the foundation for current and future projects. Please let me know if you use this data for an application. It could potentially help in getting the rest of the state completed.


Final AKEVT products by Region

SewPen (Seward Peninsula, plus)

YKDelta (Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, plus)

Kodiak (Kodiak Archipelago)

SEAK (most of the south-eastern panhandle)

SCAK (South Central)

Draft AKEVT products by Strip

Draft Products are for Review/Evaluation Purposes Only.


JUNEAU (Juneau, SEAK) .

MISTY (Misty, SEAK) .

PRINCE (Prince, SEAK) .

BLKR (Black River) Draft Available.

FLATS (Brooks Range to Alaska Range) Draft Available.

RAY (Ray Mountains) Draft Available.

KOYU (Koyukuk) Draft Available.

KENAI (Kenai & MatSu) .

MONT (Montague, PWS) .

CHIT (Chitina) .

VALD (Valdez) .

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